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Welcome to Elect Rick Chapman

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Personal and Professional Mission

Mission As a Person

Lead a personal life that will make my wife of forty five years, my three children and my six grandchildren proud to tell everyone that I am her husband, their dad and grand-dad, and know they all mean it.

Mission as an Elected Official

Serve the people and make them proud that they voted for me. Realize that special interest groups have valuable input and need to be consulted about relative issues. Work diligently to gather facts and cast my vote based on sound analysis of the information available. Do my best to represent the majority’s interests within the 97th Illinois District.

Beliefs and Concerns

I have always been a conservative Republican holding the values of family, hard work and dedication to God and Country. I want to get involved in Springfield politics because I know our State is in serious trouble. Reasonable conservatives must stand up and be heard. They need to be heard NOW! They must be good communicators with the ability to logically debate the issues causing Illinois to be in constant crisis. They must never waiver from their conservative values and have the stamina to stand up against the constant pressure from special interest groups who want them to move towards the left. Almost anyone who stays abreast of State Government can speak about what’s wrong. It will take the right people sent to Springfield to do what is needed to put Illinois back on track before the problems cannot be reversed. I am the right man, and this is the right time!